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OpenGL ES iPhone Tutorials

Friday, September 4th, 2009

We've been learning the OpenGL ES platform over the last few days here in an attempt to prepare for our next iPhone app which will be a game. It's a pretty straightforward tool once you get used to it, but therein lies the problem: we can hardly find any OpenGL ES 1.1 tutorials that designed wholly with the iPhone in mind!

This is where a ton of Google and link following brings us to an amazing tutorial series by a gentleman named Simon Maurice. He has written extensively about using OpenGL ES for the iPhone and really breaks it down so that any developer can sit down and learn it.

Check it out here: iPhone OpenGL ES Tutorial Series.

Thanks Simon! Keep up the good work.

Free iPhone Programming Class & Lectures

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Stanford University has offered a wonderful course in iPhone Programming for free online through iTunes U.

It's a great series of lectures, sample applications, and documents that are very helpful for developers who are already familiar with the basics of OOP. It provides a very solid foundation for learning how to develop iPhone Applications.

To get the coursework and videos, go to: CS193P - iPhone Application Programming

We're not sure how long these resources will be available. Get them while you can!